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Come See The Sexist Side of Sears


searsI don’t consider myself a feminist. I’ve never marched with Gloria Steinem or burned my bra or thrown out my pantyhose, although I have been known to ignore (read: misplace) my razor for weeks at a time. On the other hand, I’m not June Cleaver either. I don’t wear a frilly apron and wait on my husband hand and foot. I don’t call him Sire, or anything. I move my own furniture and kill my own bugs—except for spiders, which I remove from the house without causing any bodily harm, and not because I’m superstitious, but because that single spider has about three hundred siblings living right outside my front door who will storm my home and bite the crap out of me if I kill one of their brethren.

So, basically, I’m just an average Jane. I don’t take offense easily. I don’t have to make noises about how women are just as good as men because I secretly know that women are far superior to men and knowing that gives me a sense of peace that need not be shouted from the rooftops.

But, wait, I digress.

The other day, something happened to me that made me angry on behalf of all my sister-housewives across the land. I’d made an appointment with Sears to have one of their contractors come out to my home to give me an estimate on some kitchen remodeling. Let me repeat that. I made the appointment. While I was on the phone with the woman setting up the appointment, she asked for my husband’s name. I didn’t understand why she needed his name. I mean what if I was single? What if I was married, but my husband was in a coma fighting a flesh-eating bacteria? What if I had a wife instead of a husband? Wasn’t asking for my husband’s name somewhat presumptuous on the scheduler’s part?

Anyway, I decided to let that one go and gave up my husband’s name. To which she responded: “And will your husband be present when Sergio comes out?”

“Why, no,” I replied. “He’ll be at work. It’ll just be little ole me.” (That’s irony, folks, because I am neither little nor  ole.)

So, on the day of the appointment, Sergio called to tell me he had been double-booked and we would have to reschedule. He asked me to call him to chat about the kitchen. I did, but got his voicemail. He never called me back.

Now, my life has been busy, so I didn’t call Sears right away to reschedule. I figured I’d get to it when I could, or I’d hear from Sears sooner or later. And I did. Sort of. Wait, no. I didn’t. This is what happened:

Three days after the failed appointment, MY HUSBAND got a brochure in the mail saying: Dear Alex- Thank you for scheduling a free in-home design consultation…blah blah blah…etc.

Three days after that, MY HUSBAND got a post card in the mail saying: Alex, it’s time to reschedule your appointment with Sears Home Services…blah blah blah…etc.

Excuse me? Is it 1950 all over again? I’m sorry, but that is just totally bogus. MY HUSBAND did not make the appointment. MY HUSBAND had nothing to do with calling Sears. Had it been up to him, I never would have called Sears in the first place. And by the way, my husband supports the family, but I’M paying for the kitchen remodel. And do you know who I’M paying to do the kitchen remodel?


Softer side, my ass.


9 thoughts on “Come See The Sexist Side of Sears

  1. This post is flipping awesome! So funny, yet so true.

  2. ‘Softer side, my ass’ is right, Sista! You should report them to Angie’s List – not Alex’s List – but Angie’s List! Another sista.

    Say, if you’re serious about that kitchen remodel – check out these Aga Cookers. I designed an entire kitchen (when I lived in Boston) around a cream colored Aga – their performance is AMAZING – absolute perfection. And I know you like to bake!

  3. Pretty crazy. Glad you’re taking your business elsewhere.

  4. that is so shockingly offensive. . . but don’t worry about reading this — i’d appreciate it if you’d show it to alex. . . .

  5. Not smart Sears…they have no idea who they are messing with!!

  6. So funny. Sadly so true. I had an issue with a Sears repairman who thought he could verbally push me around. After writing letters to EVERYONE, I got a call from the district supervisor who said, “If you ever need service again, call me and I’ll take care of it. Please don’t ever write another letter.”

  7. I have encountered the same nonsense from both orthodontists (I needed braces twice in my thirties–one male orthodontist I spoke with “needed to meet my husband” before commencing treatment–NOT!!) and car salesmen. Guess what? I DO support the family, and I bitterly resent service people and salespeople who act this way. I vote with my feet. My money and my business go ELSEWHERE. Glad you are doing the same. Is it any wonder that Sears is constantly on the brink of going out of business?

  8. You go girl! Such a funny read, but so sad at the same time.

  9. Next time someone like a Sears rep asks you or ME! for my husband’s name, I’m gonna ask why. Then, ladies, I suggest that if they give some ridiculous answer/reason, or refuse to go further, we say one of the following things:
    A. Tell them we CAN and WILL take our business elsewhere — and make sure that the response is recorded
    B. Give them the name of our best FEMALE friend as our spouse, and make sure they know it’s a GIRL
    C. Say “Shame on you Sears Rep — yourself a woman — for reinforcing our 2nd class status!”
    D. Ask to speak to a supervisor, then go back to A, B, and C!

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