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Who Needs Mistletoe?



I was watching a movie last night and there was this really great kiss, and it got me to thinking about all of my favorite screen kisses, and I thought I’d write a blog post about it. But then I thought, it’s the holiday season, you should be writing about blessings or the perfect side dish for Christmas dinner or the rampant catalog onslaught that happens this time of year or how to survive Target when they’re offering 50% off ALL holiday items.

But then I thought, no. I want to post about kisses. So I grabbed a picture of mistletoe off the internet, you know, to make this post seem more holiday-ish, and here we go:

specialist10. The Specialist: Okay, I know. Not the most spectacular display of film-making, but when Sharon Stone and Sylvester Stallone start snogging in her hotel room, wowie zowie! This kiss leads to a pretty hot shower scene, but my post is about kissing, not hot naked shower sex, so let’s stop right here.


still-of-russell-crowe-and-connie-nielsen-in-gladiator-9. Gladiator: Russell Crowe is chained to a dungeon wall. Connie Neilson is oh-so-fair in her Sister-of-Caesar garb. Russell might be dead soon, if daddy-murdering Joaquin Phoenix has anything to say about it. Yeah, baby, if ever there were time for a kiss, this is it!


fountain8. The Fountain: Now, here again, one of the two participants in the kiss is about to die, so there’s desperation and need. And also, there’s Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weitz, two of the most attractive people on planet earth, even if she is sporting short, cancer-treatment hair. And again, this kiss leads to bathtub sex, but the precursor kiss is awesome. As for the rest of the movie, um, don’t watch it unless you’ve recently ingested a whole crap-load of mushrooms. And I ain’t talking about shitake.

thomas crowne7. The Thomas Crown Affair: When I tell you it’s the Pierce Brosnan/Renee Russo version, you will need no other explanation as to why this kiss, on the dance floor with her in her see-through black sheath and him in his tuxedo shirt with the top buttons undone, is a very delicious moment in movie kissing history.


blue steel6. Blue Steel: The movie is about a very deranged and homicidal Ron Silver who is obsessed with fledgling cop Jamie Lee Curtis. Her boss is a very hunk-able Clancy Brown. After she almost gets Clancy killed by handcuffing him to his steering wheel (duh!), he takes her home where they unload all of the stress and danger and urgency and fear and anxiety of the day onto each other’s lips. This kiss leads to you-know-what, and after the what something really disturbing happens. If you watch this movie, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

WhenHarryMSally_172Pyxurz5. When Harry Met Sally: This is an example of ‘We’ve been waiting the whole movie for this to happen.’ We know it will lead to no good. Harry is a rapscallion. Sally is high-maintenance. But gosh darn it they belong together. We’ve been praying for it. It’s like two wrongs make a right. And the kiss doesn’t disappoint.


chocolat4. Chocolate: Again, we’ve got a couple of hotties. No one is going to see Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche lock lips and think “Yuck!” But it’s the way he grasps her face in his hands and the tears of angst sliding down her cheeks and the explosion of chemistry between the two of them that makes this kiss a real doozie.


bridget jones3. Bridget Jones’s Diary: I’m not talking about the kiss at the end of the movie between Renee Zellwiger and Colin Firth. That kiss is oh so vanilla. I’m talking about the kiss between Renee and Hugh Grant outside the restaurant when he’s trying to seduce her. The slow-mo kiss, with tongue and saliva, is yummy and made me root for Hugh, even though his character is a total douchebag.



pretty woman2. Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts doesn’t kiss on the mouth. Too personal. Richard Gere doesn’t kiss on the mouth. Too personal. So when the two of them finally kiss on the mouth, the angels sing the Hallelujah chorus! I have to be honest here. This is not the most sizzling kiss. It’s not Against All Odds or An Officer and a Gentleman or anything. But it’s a moment so anticipated by the audience, we’re so rooting for them to get ‘too personal,’ that when it comes, we all sigh contentedly. This kiss delivers satisfaction.

catch-and-release1. Catch and Release: Jennifer Garner is pissed. Timothy Olyphant is caught in a lie he told to protect her feelings. Did I mention that she’s pissed? She slaps him across the face. He takes it. She tries to slap him again. He grabs her hand and pins it against the wall. She tries to slap him with her other hand (God bless her, she’s ambidextrous!) He grabs her other hand and pins it against the wall. They look into each other’s eyes. Then GAZINGA! This kiss goes on for a while. And it’s good. Really good. It’s rewind-and-watch-it-four-more-times good.

So those are my TOP TEN screen kisses. I have more. Maybe I’ll do another post at Valentine’s Day when I plan to release my first romance novel. But for now, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and keep the mistletoe at the ready to make your own top ten kiss!

Do you have any movie kiss favorites? Let me know for a chance to win a free copy of NOW AND THEN, my romance novel which will be out early 2016!


9 thoughts on “Who Needs Mistletoe?

  1. I love A Room With A View – the kiss in the middle of that field of whatever those flowers are. It’s so unexpected and forceful and passionate. I also love the kiss in The Long, Hot Summer, when Paul Newman tells Joanne Woodward, “I’m gonna kiss you.” And then he does. Yespleaseandthanks!

    • Yes! A Room with a View is on my next list, Gayle. Love that movie! I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen The Long Hot Summer! However, after your comment, I will be looking into it very seriously…

  2. Gayle, per usual, is SO on it. RwV also contains the best leer ever as George munches some wheat (or chaff) while Lucy disembarks from her carriage pre-kiss. We so know it’s gonna be kick-ass.

    Anticipation is always what it’s about, Janis; I completely agree that it can make up for lackluster performance. At least onscreen. Absolutely anything with Paul Newman can rivet me to the ground for that moment. Gayle knows her lips.
    But I will say that Matthew McFadden plants one of the best in both categories, looking forward to and actual delivery of, on Keira Knightley — finally! — in the go for broke dawn crazy filtered lighting to cover some CGI background in Pride and Prejudice. And I now love him and will do anything to have those lips closeby. You don’t believe me? I went to see Three Musketeers in the theater and stayed for the whole thing. The power of a power kissing Darcy.

    • Again, I am schooled. I haven’t seen the Knightly Pride and Prejudice! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.
      Just to clarify, Mel. I didn’t say Top Ten kisses. Just MY top 10. I’m sure the list will change as I get more input! Love you, girl!

  3. I love this topic Janis, it makes me want to kiss my husband (Hans will thank you!)
    I haven’t seen all of the movies on your list, so will have to catch up, but a couple favorite screen kisses that come to my mind are Dev Patel & Freida Pinto at the end of Slumdog Millionaire which is followed by an amazing dance scene!
    Another great kiss is Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams in the pouring rain in The Notebook.
    I also love the love story between Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge (can’t think of just one great kissing scene, but it’s one of my favorite movies so had to mention it!)
    All of these actors are so dreamy and I love when I’m rooting for the couple to get together and then they finally kiss, yay!

  4. Great kissing coverage, Janis! And I’m so super psyched to hear about NOW AND THEN!

    I have one more to add to the list – P.S. I LOVE YOU. All of the kissing in that movie – done for various reasons in the storyline – make for great moments in the film and sometimes serve as turning points in the plot. First kiss, angry kiss, romantic kiss, hook-up kiss, friend kiss, even kissing to determine if you’ll go out with the guy… and then there’s the surprising outcome of the kiss between Hilary Swank and Harry Connick, Jr…

    First kiss between Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler? Written with dialogue that turns the tables on the characters AND implies but doesn’t promise a development in their love story. Heightens the romance while making us wonder if and when they’ll meet again. The “beats” in the script are awesome.

  5. Whao! What the heck? Janis – I’m so sorry. I added a link in my comment thinking it would just be a series of letters after the http:// part. I’m soooo sorry that the video has popped up so large in my comment section! (I don’t know how to edit it to make it disappear.) It’s like, BAM! Gerard and Hilary. In your face. A super huge kiss. *sorry*

  6. Julie, I admit I’ve never seen PS I Love You, but with all the kissing going on, it sounds like my kind of movie! I will have to find it and watch it…after the kids are asleep! No worries about the size of the YouTube link. It’s a wonderful image to have on my blog!

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